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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Islamic generation

Did you think that yourself is good and better than The GOD (ALLAH S.W.T) ?
looked at mirror who you are and where you from?
You said you have another God than ALLAH S.W.T ?
You said,you christian,have you read all things about bibble?
You said you Budha,have you read about it?
You said you Hindu,have you read about it?
You(someone) think money is important than the God?

You was confused about it!

 ?????? ??????? ??????

You said,you are Muslim?
You born with Islam generation?
Have you read Al-Qur'an and do sunnah?
Have you pray to Allah(solat) 5 times perday?
Did you know how to take wuduk?
I think you(some people) just think about work and never pray to ALLAH S.W.T
When ever you have question about Islamic in your mind,then you prefer Ustaz/Ustazah/Al-Quran/Hadis?
Ask yourself which one your choice
The best choosen by the best mind to think______Think wisely________

 Islamic life is complete!

      Do not wear cloth that not enough cotton
 ...I hope You can understand what i want to share about ...

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