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Monday, May 1, 2017

Ramadhan Al-Karim

Dear reader,
Ramadhan is coming soon,
as you probably know , Ramadhan is the beautiful month ever,
Take the barakah in Ramadhan day such as remember ALLAH S.W.T with zikrullah, istighfar
Close to Allah with reading, hafaz(memorize) Al-qur'an,Tadarus Al-Quran in group at Masjid(mosque)
Allah is talking to you when youre reading Al-qur'an,
Let your little child fast from small like half day, make your little child practise
Ramadhan make us remember that how poor people live, life and have a lot of benefits when youre fasting,
Make this year Ramadhan better than before,
Do a lot of Amal in this Ramadhan.
Ramadhan is special month for a muslim if we know.
The night is better night (Lailatul Qadr), find Lailatul Qadr with Ibadah

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