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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to face your routine day

Dear reader,
         Everyone know and always say that tomorrow is better than today,
Then when the hardest day come around, you start felt weak and blame anything such as think about mistakes, fault, problem, that includes environment, others people
                 There's never solve your problem!
                      You lie if you think or say its can
Allah has said, Allah give test such as give you in trouble, in a big problem , just for prove your FAITH to ALLAH S.W.T
                        There's no easy for us, but there's easy for Allah
                 Then, Doa(pray) to Allah for make its easy

When you have problem, you will remember Allah
actually, Allah is close to you

                      with Istighfar, zikrullah will make you calm and patient
                      Indeed, Allah with the people who're patient (Surah al-baqarah)
La Tahzan, Innallaha ma'ana (Dont be sad, indeed Allah with you)
                     Be grateful with everything you have that gave by Allah
In the end of day , people that grateful just a little, and the greedy people are a lot until forget about theirselves, status ,where he came from and why they live in this world.
                     Allah created the human to be Khalifah in this earth,

But, by the people hands also, this world damage 

You need erase all negative thinking , bad ideas, bad shadow of you life,
Change its to brighter! Prove its that youre strong and faith to Allah!
and really do love Prophet Muhammad s.a.w by practise and do the sunnah(what Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did when he still alive)

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